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Holly Sampson shows off her long legs just one important feature of a hot MILF porn star. Now we know why Tiger Woods couldn’t resist her charm. She is a hottie and he wanted to take her for a test drive just like an expensive luxury car. She clams that he had sex with her during his bachelor party. One of many girls he cheated on his wife with. He sure knows how to pick them. Do I detect a sex addiction? Or is Holly just so desirable that most men couldn’t resist. With those sexy legs we probably couldn’t resist either.

Holly Samson

This picture looks like it was taken in Arizona. Maybe Holly was at gold tournament. The phoenix open is one of the biggest parties of the year. She must put a lot of miles on those legs. They are better than a normal milf’s legs. And that butt is perfect. Round and firm without an ounce of fat any where to be seen. Let’s label Holly Sampson a dream girl. With those legs she is dreamy. This picture from Anilos is one of hundreds of hot milfs they have on that website. You probably will want to check them out. I read a rummor that Holly also has appeared on Aunt Judy. See for yourself.


In this picture of our beautiful model she has her legs spread showing us her delicious pussy. Pretty tight just like Holly’s entire body. In order to not have a tight fit you would probably have to be build like an Asian. or maybe if you are half Asian. Jokes aside every bit of Holly is beautiful. She looks particularly appealing with those glasses. Smart and sexy. That’s a good trait for a milf. The kind of mother I’d love to fuck and the kind that is intelligent enough to raise cool children. She might be a milf but that doesn’t mean her pussy is any less amazing than someone else.


My First Sex Teach is probably a site tailor made for someone like Holly Sampson.  She does kind of look more like a sexy school teacher than a sexy MILF. Being a naughty teacher who has sex with her students is kind of the thing that Holly is becoming known for.  Well no that’s not true it’s probably more about her romp with Tiger Woods.  But this is a pretty hot video.  Like the song Hot For Teacher.  If Holly was your teacher you would be hot for your teacher too.  Especially if she wears that short skirt when she goes up to the chalk board to write out the math formulas.


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Holly Sampson is an adult actress who is probably best known for her relationship with Tiger Woods. She was one of the mistresses who broke up his marriage. She was recorded in a video on an adult site stating she had sex with him at his bachelor party. Holly was born in Arizona and when she was younger she was actually a professional actress with a part on the television show The Wonder Years as Fred Savage’s love interest as well as a part in the movie Pump Up The Volume. To date she has performed in 40 films and appeared on numerous websites. She did a few hardcore films in 1998 and then moved into doing softcore until there became strong demand for her cougar sexiness.

Birthday: September 4, 1973
Home: Prescott, Arizona
Measurements: 34D-24-35
Height: 5’5
Weight: 110 pounds

Adult Actress

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Look at this body. The Holly body is rock hard. Those abs have been performing a lot of sit ups. And here she is showing how flexible she is as she enjoys sucking on a guys cock giving him what is probably the best blowjob of his entire life. One of the smart ways to please your man is to give him a great blowjob. That will satisfy and a satisfied man is a happy man. How can Holly focus on sucking cock when she is doing a split like that. Obviously she is very flexible she must do flexibility training at the gym when she done with all those situps.